Genne and Juvie met each other in their community church in Caloocan City, Philippines. They are both members of their church’s music department. Two years later, they became a very close buddies. They were together every single day which made their friendship stronger and deeper. One day they both realized, the feeling is mutual.   

During those denial times that they couldn’t be lovers because of their age gap – Juvie is older than Genne – their feelings grew deeper and rooted each day as they poured out a lot of care, effort, love and support for each other. It was hard. It was really hard for them both. They tried to avoid each other but it hurt them most. They tried hard not to let the love grow in their hearts. It grew all the more. 

Until they realized there’s nothing wrong if the girl is a bit older than the guy. So what? Why they hurt each other that way? Finally, they gathered all the strength and courage to stand for their love to each other. They decided to just let their love be felt. Just love and be loved no matter what other people might think or say. It’s their own happiness after all.

Truly, love knows no boundaries. Age, height and distance are just numbers. Not a single Bible verse that ever tell us not to love someone whose age is more than yours. It is actually written that we should love one another as ourselves. There is no rule in loving a person.