We use to plan going out of town for relaxation and see some other places outside Manila. We just want to breathe some fresh air every once in a while, and escape our daily routine and toxic life in a city. Ang Maynila ay hindi naman talaga katulad ng iniisip ng iba (polluted air, noisy environment, heavy traffic jam, pugad ng mga snatchers, etc.). Manila has a lot to offer for those who travels here from other provinces and for the Manilenyos as well. It is the capital of the Philippines, anyway! I’ve also read an article on how to be a tourist in your own town or city. Kaya naisip ko, “oo nga naman.” Why not explore more and discover things about your own town and become a tourist guide to someone else who visit your place, diba? I have to discover more about Manila. For now, let me share a little bit of our mini Manila tour.


Last December 25, 2016, my aunt and her kids just came from Cebu for a week vacation here in Manila. They availed promo flights from Cebu Pacific months ago. This is their second or third time to visit Manila. They have been in Rizal Park, Intramuros Wall, Fort Santiago, and was able to watch Showtime and ASAP at ABSCBN before. And now, aside from visiting our relatives in Malabon, visited our late uncle at Valenzuela, we toured them at Manila Zoo and Enchanted Kingdom before they went back home to Cebu. Of course, we still brought them at Luneta Park and Intramuros since my ate is currently living somehere in Intramuros, near Manila High School.

Day 1 (December 25th): Baclaran Church


The National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help a.k.a. Baclaran Church

From NAIA, they went to Baclaran Church first to say a prayer and thanksgiving. Me and my mom went there from Caloocan (North). Tita wanted to buy some clothes from Baclaran market and so we go. And I told them, “Handa na ba kayo? Dadaan tayo sa digmaan. haha!” It was just a joke, but sometimes, jokes are half meant. They realized what I said is true when we reach the market place going to LRT. Knowing Baclaran, matao talaga. Plus, it was Christmas day – it doubles the number of people who go there every day.  Sobrang daming tao at siksikan that time. Halos di kami makalakad. Good thing was the vendors were concerned about the pople that were passing by, they made “paypay” to us so that we could breathe. It was such an experience. I promise that I will never go to Baclaran again on a holiday. 😛

I bought a 2-in-1 backpack/slingbag worth P350 and mom huggled until P270. My cousins bought some clothes like shorts (P50 each), shoes (P350-500), and shirts (P80-150).

We were at Baclaran Church at 2pm. We arrived home around 7-8pm. hehe! Alam mo na yan, bes.


Day 2 (December 26th): Valenzuela Memorial Cemetery

A cloudy afternoon walk at the Valenzuela Memorial Cemetery

My niece picking up small flowers on the grass


It rained hard early in the morning because of Typhoon Nina that lasted until afternoon. We’re thinking if we should still go out or not. But as planned, we chose to go to Valenzuela Memorial Cemetery despite the rain to visit my uncle who passed away last November 2015. Good thing was, the rain stopped around 1-2pm. We were the only persons (alive) in the cemetery because it was a rainy day, or maybe a rest day for others after Christmas puyat. We were able to walk around and enjoy the moment, and the view as well as the serenity of the place. After the visit to my uncle, we went straight to Maysilo and Catmon, Malabon City (the place where I was born) to see our relatives. They stayed there for an night. Me, mom and my niece went back home to Caloocan after dinner. It was a fun day!


Day 3 (December 27th): Intramuros and Rizal Park

Andress Bonifacio Shrine near Manila City Hall
Entering Intramuros, Manila
Intramuros Gate

After staying at Malabon for a night, they stayed at my sister’s house in Intramuros for two (3) consecutive days for it is accessible to our next destinations. Tipid lang ng pamasahe. Hehe! I wasn’t able to come with them to Intramuros on the 27th because I had to do some stuffs at home in Caloocan.

Later in the evening, they went to Rizal Park as requested by my aunt’s youngest son.

When In Luneta Park 😀
Rizal Monument at night


Beautiful dancing fountain of Rizal Park

(some Intramuros and Luneta Park photos are from my cousin, Tin)

Day 4 (December 28th): Manila Zoo

Heart at the Entrance
The 45 year old elephant from Thailand, Mali.


Yellow-black skinned crocodile… I don’t know what kind it is. 😛

A lot of animals are there such as reptiles, birds and mammals. There’s a hippo, monkeys, horses, lions and tigers, bear cats, etc. We were looking for the giraffe but we just found a lifesize statue of it…



I can’t even remember when was the last time I visited Manila Zoo. But it was fun seeing my younger cousins and nieces enjoy watching the animals.


Day 5 (December 29th): Enchanted Kingdom



Enchanted Kingdom has this “Birthday Treat” promo which gives a free “ride-all-you can pass” to the birthday celebrant of that very day. All you have to do, when you plan to celebrate your or somebody’s birthday, is bring a proof — his/her Birthday Certificate or a valid ID that has his/her birthday stated on it. December 29th happened to be my cousin’s birthday. Unfortunately, we didn’t know about the promo and didn’t bring his birth certificate, only the school ID. Good thing was, a relative back home in Cebu was able to send us a clear copy of a photo of my cousin’s birth certificate via Facebook, and presented it in their office. So, he availed the FREE Ride-All-You-Can pass worth P700. Plus, 10% discount each of the celebrant’s companion… And we were 8 in the group! Woah!

We super enjoyed EK even my mom who never rode any of the rides at a Perya even once! Our favorite is Rio Grande. It was a cold-because-of-getting-wet fun ride!


Day 6 (December 30): Revisit Intramuros Wall

The Police Station of Intramuros


We started walking around Intramuros at 9:30 am and went back to my sister’s house around 11 am. We went back to our own house in Caloocan after lunch. We arrived home around 3pm. The next day, they went to Malabon and celebrate New Year with our relatives. On January 1st, they headed to NAIA and flw back home to Cebu.

It was fun-filled holiday vacation. Sulit ang bakasyon ko. 🙂 I’m looking for next year.