We celebrated our 4th anniversary last September. And as we promised to each other, we’re going to have a #Budgetrip before this year end. Genne knew that I really need a break because I’ve been focusing on my studies the whole year and I had to take classes on Summer so I didn’t really have a break. I needed to go to school while feeling envy of those who were taking their vacations. While my parents were “Off to Cebu,”  my brother was “Biyaheng Norte”… Ako? “Off to school,” “going home,” “off to church,” “off to bed,” tapos sabay “Off lotion”. Haha! Kainis! Malamok! Nilamok ako kakahintay ng chance and budget to travel at makapagbakasyon. Siyempre, hindi ko pwedeng unahin ang paglalawaksa, my allowance was limited and budgeted for my daily expenses. Our “teacher-nanay” in school brought me and my classmates to The National Museum (it was my first time to visit it) and Luneta Park during Summer after our final exam, just to let us relax for a while (I will share about it soon). Even her got pitty of us studying for the whole 2 consecutive years of full loaded units of subjects every semester plus the Summer classes.

Anyways, Genne’s birthday is every 22nd of October and his (our) bestfriend Del is on the 25th. Every year, they celebrate their birthdays ng sabay kahit simple lang either on the day in between or after their birthdays. So I suggested why not celebrate it somewhere else that is relaxing and that we could unwind, breathe some fresh air which I think I really needed, and exhale all those stress and exausted feeling of us. The expenses could be the same with having a #Budgetrip and just stroll to the mall and eat in a resto or food chains.Diba?

So I suggested Pinagrealan Cave in Norzagaray, Bulacan. I’ve been there once with my “mommy friend” and former classmate, Ate Van last year of October 2015 (ah wait…may napuntahan pala ako last year?) But it was just a reeaally short trip. We arrived there around 9am and arrived home around 3pm.While I was there I told myself that I should visit it again, and by then, with Genne, Del and Ja. I knew it would be so much fun to experience the cave with them and if we stay longer and swim. So, this was the right time to go back in Pinagrealan Cave. So then, all was set. Woooot!

Sunday. After church service and fellowship, sleep over sa bahay namin. It was the night before our trip. We dropped by at Balintawak Market (a well-known wet and dry market in Metro Manila where you can buy goods at its cheapest price. Kumbaga, dun ang bagsakan ng mga gulay at prutas from provinces) before we head home. We bought some food to cook for our baon the next day.

Mama: “Talagang mag-a-outing kayo ah? Parang gusto ko tuloy sumama.” 

Me: Nakita nyo ba puro bagets kasama ko? Tsaka cave pupuntahan namin, ma. Baka sa bungad pa lang matakot na kayo pumasok dahil takot kayo sa bulate. Hahaha!

October 31, 2016, we set foot to Pinagrealan Cave, Norzagaray, Bulacan. Well, I was expecting to go there just the 4 of us but Ken (Genne’s sis), Jean (my niece and Ken’s bestfriend) would love to go adventure and nature trip with us. And I’d love it! “The more, the merrier.” We depart from our house at 7AM. We arrived at almost 10AM. There we met Ian, our tour guide for the day. And then after we register and paid for our safety gear (hard hat and flashlight), off we went into the cave. Though I’ve been there once, it felt like it was my first time. I was excited when I see such excitement of my friends. I was excited for them to see what I saw and felt when I was there and see it again the second time around. It was so nice when I saw them enjoying and having fun.

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It was one fun-filled experience and adventure. The bagets made me feel a little younger. When we were having meals after a few hours of swimming…

Ken: Ate Juv, sa’n tayo next? Tayo tayo ulit ah.

And that’s how our #SquidGoals started.

Where to go next?

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