Yeah. In four years together, we’ve been through a lot. We overcame many trials and still overcoming. But we were too busy in our respective lives studying while serving our community church.

On our fourth anniversary last September, (and since that he already finished school last March and currently working, and I am now a graduating student by March or April 2017 which means I’ll be earning my own money too the soonest), we agreed that the remaining months of this year and the many many years to come, we will go to a new place or two that we’ve never been before – together. And we also plan to bring each other to places where our parents are from. We are making our plans happen. We will create our own #BudgetTrips and #TravelGoals, I’ll blog about it, collect photographs, memories and adventures together. In the next years, we’ll get married and have kids, and I know things and priorities will change. But we promised that we’ll make it a point that our lives won’t be boxed in the four corners of our house and workplaces. We’ll go out and do some outdoor activities and travel every once in a while. *sigh*

May the Lord God Almighty bless us all the more. Guide us in every step of the way.

I love you, Mahal. Let’s enjoy life and make adventures together. Someday, when we grow old, we’re gonna tell a lot of stories to our kids and grandchildren that when we were young, we had the best days of our lives.